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N244 Guidance Notes

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The simple form which you need to request a new hearing is called N244.


The N244 form can be picked up from the county court desk, or preferably typed and printed from. If you want us to send you a copy email us at N244@croydonpropertybuyers.co.uk and we will reply back with the N244 template pdf form.

Proven N244 Template Wording is Below giving 5 Different Scenarios.

Copy these as closely as you can because they have worked hundreds of times, simply add your own personal mitigation and circumstances.

Always try to use 2 proposals not 1, this gives the judge the choice of 2 yeses rather than a flat out yes or no.

Please do contact us if you have any questions, or need any support at all. There is NO FEE, but you will be asked to give an anonymous story or testimonial to give others hope and to encourage them to get in touch.

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